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This website was born out of necessity due to there being very little information or support available on-line for the Logun S-16, Logun S-16s, Logun S 16 Evo and Logun S-16Xs range of Pre Charged Pneumatic (PCP) compressed air rifles; and has since also led onto the natural progression of including the Edgar Brothers XVI.
This situation is compounded by the fact that the manufacturer ‘Logun’ no longer exist as a company and so the lack of information is only likely to get worse over time.

This site has therefore been created to bring together as much useful information as possible from across the internet to help owners look after, maintain, service, disassemble and modify their S16 (Sweet 16) range of air rifle. We believe in sharing information and knowledge as freely as possible but also understand the need to protect certain intellectual property. You will therefore find that although much of the information contained within the site is free for all, some is available for purchase. We also facilitate the purchase and sharing of spare parts and accessories in the For Sale section and also on the members’ forum.

Please be aware of the relevant gun laws applicable to your country and ensure that you comply with them. Compressed air rifles can be dangerous (from both ends!) and gas guns should be treated with caution when working on them.
Logun guns originally came with a lifetime warranty which will become void if you take your rifle apart yourself; even though Logun no longer exist to honour this warranty! Also note that all work undertaken to your rifle is done so at your own risk and we will accept no responsibility or liability for any damage you may cause as a result of any information or product available on this site. An Edgar Brothers XVI comes new with a warranty and this will become void if you remove the anti-tamper screw to gain access to the internals.

If you have any questions, suggestion or additions for the site, please either join us on the forum or email us directly.

The unfortunate truth is that websites cost money to keep online – hosting, domain, software etc.
If you have found this site useful and would like to help, you can contribute using the button at the top of the page and help us keep going! Thanks.