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About the S16 range

Logun Sweet 16 air rifle range from what versions there seem to be ‘out there’ rather than what was actually originally sold!

Logun was a company based in the UK and so the majority of the S16’s were produced for the the UK market and to comply with UK gun laws, however there is an exception as explained below.

Difference between the Logun S-16Mk1 and Mk2

As mentioned at the top of the page, there was never a Mk1 and a Mk2 officially sold but the history seems to be that the first load of rifles to be produced were a little inconsistent in quality and so some were excellent and some were rubbish. A change in some of the internal design and apparently country of manufacture then lead to the ‘Mk2’ but they look and are branded almost exactly the same. The text on the Mk1 is embossed and filled with paint, the Mk2 is printed.

Logun S-16 with laser, bi-pod and logun lamp

Logun S-16 with laser, bi-pod and logun lamp


What is the S-16 MkII with shrouded barrel?

Again, this was not sold as a new product but there seems to be versions of the original S-16 that, rather than having a standard silencer screwed onto the end of the barrel, have a shrouded barrel similar but not quite the same as the S-16S. There is a slight narrowing of the barrel just forward of the forearm and no longitudinal grooves in the ‘shroud’.

We have also come across a hybrid version (only 2 so far) that are marked up as an S-16 but is identical in every way to an S-16s. It’s likely that the factory were just using up parts of the original lower receiver!


What is different about the Logun S16S?

The S-16s is the first actual re-design and re-brand with the following changes:

  • It came with a shrouded barrel as standard but it is therefore not possible to upgrade the silencer.
  • No transfer port adjuster so power cannot be as easily altered
  • 20mm longer forearm
  • Upgraded bottle valve connections to make the bottle less prone to damage and leaks
  • New design gauge and cover
  • Bolt lock ergonomically curved
  • Loading probe O-ring was moved inside the barrel
  • A few other internal modifications
Logun S-16s

Logun S-16s standard


Difference between the Logun S-16s and the Logun S16 Evo

This was the second and final official re-design and re-brand before Logun ceased to exist and solved most of the complaints about the previous versions (as discussed in the Mods section).

  • Bottle angle changed to improve the shooting position and shoulder rest (although cheek position is now very low)
  • Pistol grip and trigger moved rearward to reduce ‘reach’.
  • Cocking bolt replaced with a conventional style bolt to eliminate care being required to ensure the bolt is locked forward
  • Re-designed silencer
  • Appearance changed – Ergonomic grip, straight gauge surround, redesigned scope rail, fore-stock and barrel
S16 Evo

Logun S16 Evo with various design changes from the S-16s


The Logun S-16Xs?

This is the FAC version of the S-16 and therefore significantly more powerful (up to 30 ft/lb) whereas all the others were under 12 ft/lb. As this would require a licence in the UK, it was made mainly for the export market.
It looks almost identical to the S-16s (apart from the gauge mount and of course the branding!).


And finally the Edgar Brothers XVI

Edgar Brothers took over the rights to the Logun S-16 design and now produce the Edgar Brothers XVI which retails for between £450 and £799 and comes with a 1 year warranty. It is basically the same as the Logun S16 Evo but with lots of rails! Contrary to the marketing from EB, it’s not “completely different” to the S16 at all. Some parts have seen design improvements but manufacturing quality of the internals is, if anything, slightly worse. CLICK HERE to read a comparison between the S16s and the XVI on our forum, and CLICK HERE for a forum thread about the internals.

Edgar Brothers XVI

Edgar Brothers XVI


If you have any additions or alterations to the above, please use the forum to let us know.