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These are just a selection of mods to the S-16, many of which are taken from our forum members. We will add to this page as more ideas are generated on the forum.

There seems to be four main complaints about the Logun S16 and S16s, many of which have been addressed with the Evo version however there are a few mods that can be done to help.

The complaints and possible solutions seem to be:

  • The shooting position is slightly odd because the distance from the butt to the trigger is further than many rifles and also the butt is very high in relation to the trigger. The latter is not significant when shooting in prone position but is more so when standing, you will find yourself positioning the butt very high on the shoulder and so the butt is not quite the right shape. There is a way to address this by making a new bottle cover or a stock to connect to the grip. Alternatively, the bottle cover from an FX Verminator will fit and shift the shooting position but this is still not quite the right shape and increases the reach slightly. A simple improvement is to break the vertical shoulder support around the sling clip area such that it becomes flexible and conforms to the top of your shoulder better.  We have tried this but have not completed sufficient tests to report on the long term use of a technically broken butt!
    Below is a selection of the solutions that our forum members have come up with so far.
    mikewilliams' Logun s-16 bottle cover design

    mikewilliams’ Logun s-16 bottle cover design

    andrew's Logun s-16 bottle cover design

    andrew’s Logun s-16 bottle cover design

    silversurfer's Logun s-16 bottle cover design

    silversurfer’s Logun s-16 bottle cover design

    merlin's Logun s-16 stock design

    merlin’s Logun s-16 stock design

    trev-1988's Logun s-16 bottle cover design

    trev-1988’s Logun s-16 bottle cover design

    There are many more ideas and photos on the forum, CLICK HERE,

  • The cocking bolt will occasionally not lock home (forward) after loading. This results is the air leaking out of the breach to the side when fired and not firing the pellet. This is not only annoying but can also result in the user loading a second pellet into the breach by mistake! The locking catch can be significantly improved by carefully polishing the surfaces and correctly lubricating the insides. This makes it lock home much more easily but the best solution is simply to be very careful to ensure it has clicked home when loading. Replacement of the spring in the locking catch with a softer has been discussed but then there is the chance that it will open up slightly when firing and so loose some air out of the side. This problem has been addressed with the Evo by using a conventional bolt action – but this has it’s own problems due to the flawed design chosen in the Evo and XVI (see forum!)
  • Weight. Yes the rifle is heavy but it is well balanced and suits a sling very well. It should therefore not be a problem for most adults. There are other heavy rifles around and the S16 is comparable to these. Because the S16 is so accurate and takes accessories so well, many people use them for longer shots and so fit a bi-pod, laser, NV, lamp etc and therefore weight is actually a benefit. It is also worth noting that rifles with a similar spec. such as Theoben Rapids, have the bottle at the front and this actually makes the front end of the rifle heavier than the S16, i.e. the weight felt on the left hand when shooting.
  • Upper sling swivel attachment bolt is exactly where some people want to put their non firing hand.There are two sling attachments on the fore-stock and the rear one is the one that may cause the problem. This is easily solved if you are happy with using the front swivel bolt for the sling. If you unscrew the rear bolt you will notice it also holds the stock to the rifle. Get hold of a 32mm M5 black allen bolt (we cut one down to exactly the correct length) and simply replace the rear swivel attachment bolt with this.

    By the way, if you need to remove the front swivel stud, you may find that it just spins without coming undone and may even have threadlock to keep it in! The method we used to get it out was to drill 2 very small holes into opposite sides of the insert from the inside ‘access hole’.  Then, using a pair of O ring pliers in the drilled holes and an allen key on the other side it would come loose.

    Modified S-16s fore stock

    Modified S-16s fore stock

And then there are many many other mods that can be done to the S16, the following are just a small selection from threads discussed in detail on the forum. There is much more information on the forum

  • Store the rifle with the bottle on but without pressurising the rifle. Some people like to store their rifle in a cabinet or in a case designed for the rifle as assembled. This poses a problem if you don’t use it for a long time and you don’t want to leave the system pressurised. The best work around we have seen on the forum is to make a washer to insert between the bottle and rifle. When the bottle is tightened up, this secures the bottle and rifle valves together without charging the rifle. With just the right thickness of washer, it can be stored with the bottle and rifle correctly aligned also. See pictures below.
    This spacer was made from a standard washer which was actually slightly too large for the bottle valve but when cut, it was then possible to squash slightly and shaped to be a perfect fit. The faces were then filed, ground and sanded flat to remove the chamfered corners and make it just the right thickness to do the job. Then a tiny hole and lanyard just to finish the job. Other materials would be suitable as long as they do not ‘squash’ too much as you want a nice tight compression when tightened up so that knocking the bottle does not damage the threads. Others have used fibre washers to a similar design.
    S-16/ XVI Bottle valve washer

    S-16/ XVI Bottle valve washer

    S-16/ XVI Bottle valve washer in use

    S-16/ XVI Bottle valve washer in use

    S-16/ XVI Bottle valve washer thickness

    S-16/ XVI Bottle valve washer thickness

If you have any other suggestions for this page, please let us know!